Passionate About Inspiring Others

I believe that people are most happiest when they have a purpose and they are seeing their efforts yield the results that they want. I've had highs and lows in both my personal and professional life and I credit that to my ability to connect with clients on a deeper level. I also currently  coach at a non profit organization working with high functioning autistic individuals in setting career, independent life and social goals.

The Institute for Growth and Results is for the individual, couples or organization that is looking to make instant personal or professional behavioral changes because what you currently are doing may not be giving you the results you are wanting. A behavior is a subconscious action that you are consistently taking that is yielding you the results that you are getting whether good or bad. Every person or organization has blocks that they may not see and it's my job to help you develop your perspective with finding the right solutions to your challenges and helping you stay more accountable to your applied actions.

A little about Neuroscience, Neurolingustics, it's the language of the brain to find out why we do what we do and how we can change our thought process through the science of repetition, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), hypnosis and many other ways to form new neural pathways thus creating new habits and results. Everything is connected, and once change begins, the floodgates of possibility opens. 95% of our lives are controlled by our subconscious. From the age of 0-7 years we are downloading what is seen, heard and spoken in our environment. You think the way you think because of your parents, and their parents on down your generational line. For example, It's not your fault that you may struggle in your relationship because of watching your parents argue all the time but it is your responsibility to recognize it and make the effort to change. This can be applied to other areas of your life that can be reprogrammed. Contact me and lets discuss some goals you would like to achieve to make a difference in your life.

  • Brain Story Certificate

  • Sanctus Path to Leadership Certificate

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • 500+HRS 1 to 1 Coaching sessions

  • 100+HRS Group Coaching and Facilitation

  • Toast Masters Competent Communicator




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