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How to go from F.E.A.R to SUCCESS

One of the statements that I always tell my clients is that "knowing and doing" are poles apart. People have created habits of gathering information but when it comes to application they either procrastinate, freeze, or completely ignore it. The reason people will do one of the three when it comes to taking action is because of F.E.A.R. My favorite acronym for F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real. In order to have any success for your life, it's inevitable that you break through your fears because they aren't going to go away. Your fear will last as long as you allow it. How you can break through the FEAR barrier is by visualizing yourself accomplishing the goal. Get emotionally involved with the feeling of obtaining your desires. Once you have primed yourself mentally and emotionally then write out as many action items you can think of to take in order to make the goal possible.

Once you have written everything you can think of, then put them in order from what you can do RIGHT NOW at this moment, all the way down to what you may need help on or have to wait on. When your list of action items are in order then take the first step. The human side of you may want to look down the list, but the most successful people will stay focused and on task. As you start ticking action items off your list, then you will notice your confidence is growing and that you are closer to your goals and dreams. This is no different than If you're driving home on a foggy night, you don't need to see all the way to you finale destination, you can make it home by just seeing 14 ft ahead and moving 1 mile or km at a time. You may be afraid the whole way, but courage isn't the absence of fear, courage means I'm going to do it in spite of my fears. Just remember fear is no match to a person that is Determined, Committed and most of all Action oriented.

Cedric Nicholson

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